Creating Values

We optimise your value chain, reduce the complexity of your processes and boost your profitability. Analogue and digital.

The future will be dominated by companies that combine bold decisions with strategic commitment and operational support. PITMAN Solutions supports organisations in this transformation from the initial idea to operational implementation.

  • Business Development

Impulses that drive things forward

We are committed to your range of services and develop creative, revolutionary and sustainable approaches for your portfolio with passion.

We provide impulses and support and accompany you in introducing and establishing new products or services in undiscovered or existing markets.

  • Change Management

Accompanying change

Flexible, goal-oriented and resource-saving change management along the entire value chain.

We accompany change processes from the analysis and conception of measures to their successful implementation.

  • Coaching

Promoting your employees

The general shortage of managers makes the targeted promotion of employees more important than ever.

We help you identify those with potential and provide individual coaching to develop them into important key managers.

  • Interim Managemant

No time-consuming recruiting

Vacancies in the area of senior executives are integrated into your organisation without a time-consuming recruiting process with immediate effectiveness.

Our network encompasses all conceivable roles and functions within your company. By incorporating interim management into our projects, we reduce interfaces to a minimum and mediate between “old values” and the “new world”. Through the integration of our expertise we facilitate customised and modularly scalable solutions that can also serve as the basis for the successful implementation of turnkey projects.

Creating Values through P4Profit

Performance (People x Process x Planet) = Profit

Creating Values through P4Profit

Performance (People x Process x Planet) = Profit

Focus · Optimise · Transform

New targets are not achieved by following old and familiar paths. Even if there seem to be many paths to success, the right and individual route must be defined at an early stage. Because without change, everything remains the same – and as a result, standstill and regression are pre-programmed. Together, we create values that last.

Now and in the future.

Analogue or digital, our experts analyse the entire value chain and, together with you and your colleagues, generate ways to reduce complexity and increase process stability.

Our tools encompass not only specialist expertise, decades of experience and individually tailored analysis tools, but also the awareness of our responsibility, which gives us that extra bit of passion.

Once the roadmap has been defined, PITMAN Solutions remains a sparring partner at eye level and, where necessary, manages the implementation of optimisation measures. We focus on operational implementation with clear targets, continuous support for transforming processes and your key personnel as well as ongoing progress monitoring on the basis of key performance indicators.

What do you get out of it?

Optimised process flows


Smartly used resources


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